Being a lover of history, I am of course watching this program on PBS…it is so well done and as most programs about the Holocaust, extremely emotional and moving.

I personally process all information, recollections, testimonies and stories I experience about the Holocaust, not as mere history, but actual, individual human lives. Children, Women and Men, erased from existence due to the dark hatred of fellow human beings.

This is a very inspiring recalling of Jewish prisoners, who worked in the Death Camp and planned a well-organized and successful escape, saving many lives.

It is important for the world to know that many people of all religions, races, sexes, creeds, sexual orientations did fight back against the Nazi murderers and were triumphant in heir survival.

In this documentary, four of the survivors of the Sobibor Death Camp return to the place where they were held prisoners and their families killed. Now a country field with no sign of atrocities that went on within it’s fences, this is a testament to the witnesses of such vile, savage violence.

Even though it is very difficult for me to watch subject matter about the Holocaust, I strongly believe to honor all those souls who perished and celebrate all those who resisted and survived against all odds, all generations from here forward MUST know and bear witness to it all, so it never happens again to humanity.

We are such a cruel, vile, vindictive species.