Just a little update:

Dr. McFalls (Chief of Cardiology) just came to the waiting room, specifically to talk to mom and let her know he was impressed with dad’s echocardiogram results yesterday. He said, other than the ventricular damage present from “the big one” back in 1995 (which resulted in quad-bypass surgery and 4 stents), there is no evidence of new muscular damage. 

 Now, this test will tell them if any of the 4 bypass vessels from 1995 are occluded.

 We’re still waiting for him to come back from the first phase of his test. What they said would be 15 minutes, of course has been about 90 minutes so far.

It sounds like it’s gonna be a long day. We were just informed that one of the pieces of equipment used for this test has broken, so they are trying to work quickly to get it repaired. 

More later.