I started this series on Facebook, but decided that I want to find a central place for updates that didn’t require someone to be my “friend” on Facebook to see the updates … so, here it goes.

The scoop on Dad …

Instead of using phrases like, “Cardiac Event”, “Ejection Fraction”, “Dilated Cardiomyopathy” and “Systolic Dysfunction” …

I’ll tell it “Dad-style” … He was transferred to the VA last night after being taken to Fairview Lakes Hospital yesterday afternoon complaining that he just didn’t feel good (severe chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness).

At the moment, he is stable and playing on his iPad, watching National Geographic with Alexis.

He’s had a barrage of various tests (lab work, EKGs, radiologic scans), a few other tests, and an echocardiogram. Tomorrow, he has an Adenoscan Test (chemical stress test).

What we know so far is that he had a “cardiac event”, related to congestive heart failure (which his cardiac output is at 30% or less), his chest pain / tightness and shortness of breath has subsided, and after a short stint of a dysthymia (A-Fib), it too is gone for now. An added extra wrench in the works is the obligatory swab for MRSA (which he’s had trouble with since 2003) was positive, so contact precautions for everyone.

I spoke to (interrogated) dads cardiologist this morning (who I’ve decided looks like Ted Danson) who was very good at answering all of my questions.

Of course, Dad is feisty as ever with the hospital staff … which puts my mom at ease, knowing he is still a curmudgeon means he’s still kickin!

Mom is here and doing good. Worried, but she’d never admit to it. After 52 years of marriage, she like to think she’s in control.Β πŸ˜†.

From Dad: “I’m fine.

From Shell (in the lobby eating a cheeseburger): “I’m an emotional eater.”

From Mom: (said to Lexi): “You probably shouldn’t give him that chocolate donut”

From Levi (Rob’s youngest) when the ambulance came to transfer dad: “I come with.”

From the Nurse: (giving him a Sprite) “If anyone asks, you didn’t get that from me.”

Thanks for the many thoughts, prayers and well-wishes. We are all here, so access for calls/texts is limited, but we’re checking emails and voicemails … and, due to the station he’s on, he can’t have visitors.

I’ll let you know more as we know more.