If you don’t wanna read it, move along. You’re offended … too bad. If you need instruction on unfriending me … google it.

After listening to a drama-filled, deafening conversation today between a ludicrously rationalizing Trump Supporter and a Bernie Sanders supporter, I got ALL FIRED UP, ready to beat them both over the head with my keen sense of reason. Ha ha ha. What? You know me … “King of Tact”, right?

To whichever pond your vote was cast, is entirely your business. When you insist on hounding me as to which pond my vote landed in, and then persist to argue why my choice was “clearly wrong and offensive to democracy” …

I have one political nerve left and you’re dry-humping it.

Things I trust more than Donald J. Trump:

1. A BBQ at Jeffrey Dahmer’s house
2. A one night stand with Charlie Sheen
3. Mosquitos with the Zika Virus
4. A fishing trip with Scott Peterson
5. Flint Michigan Tap Water
6. Cocktails with Bill Cosby
7. Casey Anthony’s Day Care
8. A buffet at a strip club
9. Gas Station Sushi
10. A vasectomy at a mall kiosk

The President-Elect needs to realize that there are some things money cannot buy … Manners, Morals, Respect, Trust, Patience, Class, Integrity, Love, Character and Common Sense.

Do I honestly think Mr. Trump will be a good President? Do I think he will positively effect our country and improve the lives of us and our fellow countrymen? Do I think he will resolve to bring one campaign “promise” to fulfillment? Do I want to “give him a chance”? Do I want to hear from his voters why they voted for him?

Do I owe him, you or anyone an explanation of why I don’t think he deserves a chance? Do I have to justify my opinion?

*mic drop*