Name: Bella Buttercup Mae West
Birthday: November 20,  2012

Breed: Red SiberianBella1ΒëΙΙå loves to find a warm lap to lay on, purring all the while.  She purrs more than any cat I’ve ever encountered in my life.  While she is not keen on being picked up and/or held, she definitely loves when you pet and scratch her head, face and ears.

Bella2She does NOT like when you pet her below her shoulders.  She is very, very ticklish, and if you even attempt to touch her back feet, she will take a nibble on your hands.  Very ticklish.

Bella3 Bella4 Bella5Bella is one of the most photogenic kitties I’ve come across.  If she sees you getting the camera ready to take a snapshot, she’ll strike a pose and make sure to ham-it-up.  She’s ready for her close-up!

Bella6 Bella7She is always on the lookout for foreign visitors to the house.  Mice, Scorpions, Snakes, Ants and the occasional unannounced human visitor … no matter the foe, she’s ready to go!  Our protector!

Bella8I would be completely lost without Bella and her loving, caring kindness.  Although she is quite the little stinker at times, but underneath the naughtiness, my little girl is an angel.